what is orthokeratology?

What is orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology is a doctor-provided vision correction treatment that reshapes your cornea while you sleep so thatyou have perfect vision during the day. No glasses, no contacts, no surgery.  Orthokeratology is also sometimes caled "corneal reshaping", "corneal molding", "overnight vision correction" or "ortho-K".  Read more...

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how does orthokeratology work?

How does orthokeratology work?

An eye doctor needs to examine your eyes to determine whether you have any eye conditions, diseases or any peculiar anatomical features that would prevent you from benefiting from orthokeratology.  Read more...

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orthokeratology news

Orthokeratology News


Long term orthokeratology patient satisfaction
December 12, 2013

Who benefits the most from the orthokeratology treatment for myopia progression? New study has the answers.
September 28, 2013

Orthokeratology slows or stops the progression of myopia in children
July 6, 2013

Study suggests that young children may benefit from orthokeratology
February 14, 2013

New study confirms orthokeratology for slowing myopia progression
January 30, 2013

Orthokeratology is shown to be safe for correcting myopia in chidlren
Aug 11, 2012

Orthokeratology is shown to be effective in correcting astigmatism and myopia
Jun 18, 2012

New study supports orthokeratology for myopia control and for astigmatism correction
Jan 10, 2012

Laser eye sugery makes you queasy? Orthokeratology is a safe and effective alternative 
Jun 09, 2011