Orthokeratology is a popular form of vision correction in kids and is used to treat myopia progression - it can stop worsening vision

Orthokeratology is fast becomming a popular form of optical correction, especially in children. Otho-k is popular for children because it is the best method available to reduce myopia progression. Large amounts of anecdotal evidence including case stdies show that myopia gets worse after ortho-k treatment is stopped.

In addition, there are now multiple studies that provide strong evidence that ortho-k can reduce myopia progression. A recent article in the journal Optometry & Vision Performance summarized the studies in a table, which is reproduced below. The studies show that orthokeratology can reduce myopia progression by an impressive 85-93.5% and it slows the elongation of the eyeball, which is what causes the blurred vision of myopia.

A recent study published in the July 2013 issue of the journal Eye & Contact Lens is the latest in a long line of studies that have shown that orthokeratology is effective in stopping or slowing the progression of myopia in children.

A new study published in the September 2013 isue of the journal Optometry & Vision Science has determined which children benefit the most form orthokeratology treatment for myopia progression. There are a number of factors that a doctor must consider in selecting the right candidates, this includes taking complicated anatomical measurements of the patient's eye anatomy. The study demonstrates that orthokeratology is a complex area and patients should see an orthokeratology expert to ensure that they are getting the greatest benefit from the treatment.


Image courtesy of arztsamui / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Table Source: Optometry & Visual Performance, Volume 1, Issue 1, page 23


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